Showcase Your Talents to the Top
      Healthcare Providers across the United States
By answering questions about your strengths and interests, you submit your TalentMine® strengths summary to our network of healthcare employers seeking candidates like you. TalentMine® applies predictive science to match your strengths, interests and skills to open positions. When you are a match to an employer's search, the employer will receive your strengths portfolio. Now you have the inside track to the job that will advance your healthcare career.
Begin Your TalentMine® Career Journey:
>>  Complete a 15-20 Minute Inventory of your Strengths and Interests
>>  Receive Custom Feedback About You:
        *  A graphic overview of your strengths compared to top
           performers in your position
        *  A description of the strengths combination that contributes
            most to your success
        *  Recommended tips to apply your leading strengths in your
            daily work
        *  Questions to ask your employer during the interview process
        *  Guidance to evaluate if the job is a fit for you
If you are an Employer and interested in mining the database of TalentMine® Job Seekers, please click or call 866-301-5556.